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Many behavioral health professionals feel anxious about electronic billing for fear it will add more complexity to an already stressful job. Sano makes billing a natural part of the everyday work counselors and other agency staff do, so getting paid is easier and faster.

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    With thoughtful consideration of how people work and what is needed for billing, see the ways Sano makes gathering such information part of the patient treatment process right from the start. When it comes time to send bills or patient statements, everything is already there, ready to send in different formats.

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With the Menon® Sano Electronic Health Record system at the hub of the work processes of behavioral health counselors and other agency staff, the treatment, billing and agency management processes are all connected. Sano helps make sure information is gathered accurately all along the way, and then produces the statements, bills and reports you need electronically without the time and hassle of paper-based methods. Learn more about how Sano helps counselors, front desk staff and management as well.