Front Desk

Menon Group Sano

Making the office run smoothly is no small challenge with many patients, staff and phones competing for attention. Let Sano help you multi-task effectively while you help patients, manage schedules, and handle phone calls with ease.

    Behavioral Health Agency Scheduling

    Sano helps you move quickly between tasks to make your day easier. It lets you look up and register patients, collect signatures electronically, schedule appointments and check in patients without missing a beat.

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With the Menon® Sano Electronic Health Record system, your behavioral health agency can take advantage of tools designed for the way you work. As patients come and go, you can help them efficiently while you help counselors make the most of their time. Once Sano has information about a patient, it’s there when you need to schedule single and recurring appointments. Learn more about how Sano helps counselors, billing and management staff as well.