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Menon Group Sano

Are you a student pursuing a career in counseling or an instructor preparing future counselors? As new behavioral health professionals enter the workforce, a critical part of their education is to be familiar with the use of Electronic Health Records in their practice. The Sano Education Version gives behavioral health/social and human services students the hands-on experience they need to hit the ground running.

    Behavioral Health Education Program EHR

    Sano Education Version has been designed to work like professional counselors in the field work. Students learn to document progress notes, DSM-5 assessments and treatment plans in an easy-to-use EHR. It adds practical experience for students without increasing complexity for instructors.

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The Menon® Sano Electronic Health Record Education Version supports the learning process for students. It’s been designed with both instructors and students in mind so that students learn to create treatment plans and document accurately and consistently. The solution can be funded by the educational institution or by the students – it’s very affordable either way. Contact us to get the Sano EHR for your classroom.