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For organizations that use the GE Centricity Enterprise (CE) electronic medical record system (or older Carecast and LastWord versions), Menon Group continues to provide a variety of application and support services. 

Contact us for support for: WebNAI, Interfaces, 837, Progress Notes, Medication Reconciliation, Barcode Medication Charting, and any of your custom applications. 

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    Let Menon Group assist your organization with its EMR transition. We have helped many organization move their historical patient records to offline storage, while providing ongoing access. See Print The Record, below.

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The Print The Record application offers a cost-effective and convenient way to make GE Centricity Enterprise historical patient records available after the transition to a different EMR system. Organizations are able to:

  • Extract patient records as industry-standard PDF files
  • Make historical records available via an imaging system or secure web service
  • Locate specific records using sophisticated indexing and searching capabilities
  • Implement quickly under a short-term contract
  • Save money compared with other solutions available

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    If you are in need of custom applications, interfaces, reports or support services for your GE CE (or older version) system, contact us. We continue to engineer solutions in collaboration with customers to address challenges that arise. See recent examples, below.

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Custom solutions help GE Centricity Enterprise organizations leverage their current systems and technology:

  • ICD-10 Charge Capture: Allow physicians and billing staff to capture patient charges using ICD-10 codes
  • Mobile Paging: Use the Cureatr Application to enable nurses to page the responsible physician for a patient from a smartphone
  • Application Integration: Launch third-party applications from CE and seamlessly integrate user and patient context
  • Handheld Barcode Charting: Chart anywhere using a standard handheld barcode charting product and CE integration