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Menon Group values commitment, hard work, collaboration and innovation. Our leadership strives to provide a fun and challenging work environment as evidenced by the stability and longevity of our entire team.

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Krishnan Menon, CEO & President

Krishnan Menon co-founded Menon Group with Ravi Menon in 1993. His strong mix of technical skills and entrepreneurial vision have resulted in an agile, growing company with strong, lasting customer relationships. Under his leadership, Menon Group has expanded from engineering technical applications and system interfaces to offering a full complement of clinical, financial and technical applications and services.

Prior to founding Menon Group, Krishnan worked as a consultant for telecommunications companies, including GTE and Qwest. In addition to his more than 30 years experience in IT, Krishnan holds bachelor’s degrees in both electrical engineering and physics, with a minor in mathematics, from Indian Institute of Science and Bombay University.

Ravi Menon, Chief Technology Officer

Ravi Menon co-founded Menon Group in 1993 with Krishnan Menon. Ravi is responsible for all aspects of product design, engineering as well as advancing the company’s use of new technology and emerging standards. His leadership enabled Menon Group to deliver technical and interface applications as well as clinician-oriented applications that are robust, lasting and easy to use.

Before founding Menon Group, Ravi worked as an IT consultant for leading technology companies, including GTE and PHAMIS Inc. In addition to his more than 30 years experience in IT, Ravi holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from UVCE Bangalore and a master’s degree in computer science from Indian Institute of Science.